our privacy policy

1. Overview

By accessing the Site, you agree to not only this Privacy Policy, but also to the Terms of Use and any other written agreements for using the Site. And you agree to the collection and use of any personal data (as described here) as well as the features of public/permissionless blockchain technology.

This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) provides a comprehensive description of how data is collected and used in connection with your activities using the Site

2. Storing data on-chain

By accessing or using the Site, you will be guided through some operations that assume certain inherent features related to engaging in recording data on the blockchain. 

You will interact with smart contracts stored on a publicly available blockchain, cryptographic tokens generated by the smart contracts, and other nascent software, applications and systems that interact with blockchain-based networks. One of the defining features of blockchain technology is that its entries are immutable, which means, as a technical matter, they generally cannot be deleted or modified by anyone. If you are not comfortable assuming the inherently immutable and public nature of all entries on the blockchain, you should not engage with our Site.

Please note that when creating proofs of authenticity of social media profiles (also called “minting” proofs) your first name, last name, the URL of your social media profile and a proof of a match of your name from your Concordium Wallet is stored in encrypted form by the smart contract you are interacting with. The encryption key needed to read this data is provided to you in the form of a QR code. None of this data is collected and stored by the Site. 

3. Revoking and deleting your proofs

If you do not want anyone to verify your SoMe proof anymore, all you have to do is delete the QR code containing the encryption key to your proof. You may also revoke a proof using the Site (or interacting directly with the smart contract without the use of the Site). This will burn the NFT storing the proof making the QR code un-usable. It will not, however, remove the original minting transaction from the blockchain, which will remain on the blockchain forever.   

You can perform this action at any time by interacting directly with the smart contract without interaction with the Site.

4. Information Collection and Retention Purpose 

To assist in improving the Site for future users, the following information may be collected 

  • Information you provide such as feedback, questions and issues reports, submitted by you through the channels suggested on the Site.

Tracking technologies may be used to automatically collect information limited to the following:

  • Session Cookies, that are necessary for you to browse the Site efficiently, your positive acceptance is required.

The site may also collect data from activity that is publicly visible and/or accessible on blockchains or elsewhere, however, the Site never collects any personally identifiable information about you.   

5. Changes to Policy

This privacy policy may be revised and reissued at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon our posting of the revised Privacy Policy. For the avoidance of doubt, your continued use of the Site indicates your consent to the revised Privacy Policy then posted.

6. Contact

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, our data practices, or our compliance with applicable law, please contact us at mysomeid@concordium.com