own your identity

mysome.id is a universal badge for your online identity across social media platforms, authorized and issued by you on the Concordium Blockchain.

prevent fraud

mysome.id helps prevent fraud by identifying fake and fraudulent users, thus ensuring that we communicate only with real and verified individuals.

why it works

mysome.id runs on the Concordium blockchain, and with Concordium's ID layer, mysome.id can "engrave" a guaranteed proof of authenticity onto the blockchain.

visually distinct

With mysome.id your verified profiles will be visually distinct from profiles that are not verified, sending a clear message that your profile is authentic.

see who is verified

By installing the mysome.id browser extension, you can instantly identify which individuals have been verified and are safe to communicate with.

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secure your identity

Secure your identity on your social media profiles with a self-issued badge of authenticity!

Verify your profiles now

Avoid fake profiles, install the mysome.id browser extension to see verified real people.

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